Punctured hole in the floor of a Maravia Diablo raft.

This Maravia Diablo was brought to Goodwater Boat works with a hole punctured in the floor.  We patched the floor and then covered the new patch with a urethane coating to protect the patch for the lifetime of the boat.

By covering the patch with urethane, that not only protects the patch from future damage, but adds a layer of protection at affected area of the boat.  It is standard practice at Goodwater Boat Works to cover all patches with urethane.

Patch on an inflatable raft
Finished patch with urethane coating

At Goodwater, we are factory trained repair technicians and know the specifics of how to work on every type and style of boat on the market.  The repair of this Maravia floor starts with marking the location where the patch where placed on the floor.

Patch on an inflatable raft
Location of hole on the floor