Valve Replacement

Every inflatable boat has valves; they are how air moves in and out of the boat.  Valves are necessary to every inflatable boat, but they can also be problematic.  Sometimes the leak you have in your boat isn't the boat at all - it's the valve.

Goodwater Boat Works knows all of the tricks to quickly determine if your boat has a leaky valve, which is a less expensive and easier repair than patching your boat.

Some inflatable boat valves can be repaired while others need to be replaced when they begin to leak.  Goodwater Boat Works has experience with all of the popular inflatable boat valve types and are able to make a jusgement call when a valve can be repaired and when it's time to replace it.

When it's time to replace the valves in your boat, you have a few choices.  You can either replace the valve with one just like the old valve or you can replace the valve with a different valve type.

If you decide to use a different valve type, Goodwater Boat Works are experts in making the necessary structural changes to your boat to accomodate the new valve type.

The diameters of valves vary from one manufacturer to another and if you decide to use a different valve type, your inflatable boat might need to be modified to accomodate the new valve.

Goodwater Boat Works can advise you on a valve selection and then perform the necessary modifications to your boat.

bad Halkey Roberts supply valve.

This is an example of a supply valve replacement.

In this set of photos, we have replaced a bad Halkey Roberts supply valve and patch with a new Leafield supply valve and patch.

Bubbles Indicate a Leaking Valve
Compromised valve patch
Hockley Roberts inflatable boat valve
New Leafield supply valve and patch with urethane coat

this Halkey Roberts pressure relief valve has a cracked boot

This set is an example of a pressure relief valve replacement. 

In this set of photos we replaced a Halkey Roberts PV valve with a cracked boot to a Lefield PV valve.

Valve parts that need to be replaced
the combat fix effected on the river was made with shore adhesive but did not hold
Valve replacement for an inflatable raft
we replaced it with a new Lefield PV valve and patch and urethane coat

mavaviavalve2.jpgIs your Maravia raft 20 years old and spent everyday of its life on the river for a commercial outfitter? Some new valves is probably all you need to squeeze another 20 years out of her.