Patching Inflatable Boats

Whether your inflatable boat has a hole or a tear, Goodwater Boat Works provides high quality patches on your raft, cataraft or other inflatable boat.

patch 5.jpgDon't try this at home!

This boat was patched by the owner prior to bringing it to Goodwater. Patch over patch using improper technique led to this mess. Correcting the original damage required more labor and cost due to extensive clean up.

patch 2.jpgThis picture indicates where the original puncture is.
patch 1.jpgThis is the original puncture after clean up.
patch 7.jpg This is the final patch. It took a lot of extra time to repair this boat.


Personal logo on a patch

Sometimes you want your boat to stand out from everyone else’s, and other times you put a creative design on your boat out of necessity.

This SOTAR raft was brought to Goodwater Boat Works with a large hole in a place where the boat owner wanted more than a standard patch and urethane coating – she wanted something unique.  After some thought and communication back and fourth between the boat owner and Goodwater, a unique solution was designed.

Working with the boat owner, Goodwater Boat Works made a custom design that would be applied on top of the urethane coating to make the patch look unique.  The colors were specifically chosen to match the boat; the urethane coating matches the yellow that SOTAR uses and the wave design matches the color of the ropes on the boat.

Custom design personal logo on patch

Creative solutions to big problems are what Goodwater Boat Works is all about.  Our ability to communicate with the boat owner and utilize creative thinking and solutions enabled the owner of this boat to not only avoid having a large obtrusive patch in a very conspicuous location on the boat, the repair was turned into an asset and unique conversation piece for the boat.

This was a boat we fixed about six years ago. We learned quite a bit from this job.


Six years after I repaired this boat, I bumped into it at the Riverside put-in on the Clackamas River. The owner brought it out for the We Love Clean Rivers down river cleanup. Nice to see the boat in good shape!