Testimonials for Goodwater Boat Works

“Many of our recent multi-day rafting trips (Middle Kings, Fantasy Falls, etc) have been on difficult runs where it is crucial to pack light in order to to able to maneuver and make tight moves. This requires that we only pack enough food for a limited number of days; therefore, making quick progress on the river is critical.

We are fortunate enough to be able to raft with the best and most durable rafts on the market, but with the abuse that they sometimes must endure, even these rafts get a tear occasionally. When we do have to patch our rafts, it is crucial that we can be certain that they will hold on our upcoming trips, as having a patch come off would be a real game changer on some of these trips. When in need of repair, we take our rafts to Vic at Goodwater Boat Works as we know for certain that he will do a top notch repair that we can trust 100% not to fail. Not only does he do perfect work, but he is always able to get our rafts fixed in a very timely manner when we have a trip scheduled. We always have peace of mind when we deal with Vic at Goodwater Boat Works!
“I put the boat through its paces, completing the run and falling over 200 feet throughout the day over a number of large waterfalls, including the largest drop yet to be run in an inflatable kayak (Metlako Falls: 82 feet). The story found its way into a Canoe & Kayak article. The patch lasted the entire trip, holding up to some serious abuse, and continues to stay true on the runs I have done since. Thanks Victor!”

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“I have been a licensed outfitter & guide since 1979. I’ve owned a lot of boats and equipment in that time. No one over the years has repaired my boats and equipment better than Vic LeGall of Goodwater Boat Works. I take all my repairs big or small to Vic.”
“To whom it may concern:

Vic LeGall and Goodwater Boat Works have been a reliable and trusted partner of the Oregon Rafting Team (ORT) for many years. Vic is known for his easy and approachable demeanor. He clearly and quickly communicates all variables within each order of service. Vic’s work is done comprehensively and effectively thus returns or concerns have never occurred. ORT has a high standard for professionalism and workmanship which is why it is our pleasure to endorse his work. We are hopeful his service and repair business grows and is able to reach out to and assist all those with a passion for whitewater.