Dry Suit Repair Pricing

We offer a multitude of dry suit services; including patching, seam work, seal replacement, latex/neoprene neck gasket swap, and pressure testing.


Neck Seal (Latex) - $85.00 or (Neoprene) - $110.00

Wrist Seal (Latex) - $50.00 each or $80.00 pair

Ankle Seal (Latex) - $50.00 each or $80.00 pair           

Sock Seal (Latex) - $60.00 each or $90.00 pair

Patching, seam work and pressure testing - $100/hour

*Materials included in cost of gasket replacement.

*All repair work first come first serve.

*Accept cash, check or card.

Upgrade to Latex Socks

 Dry_Suit_Before.jpg  Dry_Suit_with_Booties.jpg



Warm, dry feet are a huge improvement in comfort and safety!