Dry Suit Repair

Dry Suit Seal Replacement

We can replace your worn out or torn seals on dry suits and splash gear. 

Repair items includes materials and labor.

Neck Seal- Latex  $80.00 or neoprene $105.00

Wrist Seal (s) - Latex  $52.00 each or $85.00 pair

Sock Seal (s) - Latex  $58.00 each or $85.00 pair

Ankle Seal (s)- Latex  $58.00 each or $85.00 pair


Additionally, rips and tears in the fabric cost $70.00 hour plus materials.

All other repairs determined on individual basis.

Upgrade to Latex Socks

This dry suit was upgraded to have latex socks to keep the user's feet dry. This is a huge improvement to any dry suit.

 Dry_Suit_Before.jpg  Dry_Suit_with_Booties.jpg

 Dry Suit Before

 Dry Suit With Latex

Socks Added